I just want a fresh start, without peering eyes that make it a point to hurt me. Unnecessary, uncalled-for hatred is not welcome in my world. I love my cats, my family, my friends (and yes, that includes you). I lived in Austin, TX for about 2 1/2 years, and left less than a month ago. I am so thankful to be home on my island, with my parents nearby and my cats content. I’ve moved back in with a roommate, and have changed jobs.

In my last job, I was slowly being stifled to death. People were treating each other badly, and I got caught in the middle of a pissing match. I don’t know how it happened… but in the end, I showed some of my weakest moments in the last few months.

I had to retreat in the end. I want to say strong, harsh words that will sting worst that the words flung my way. But, I won’t. Instead, I close up that chapter of my life, seal it tight, and say “welcome to my new home”.

This is a hate-free zone.