I did something crazy. Something I never in my life expected to do. I had them give me bangs.

And I must say, they’re quite cute.

I got my dad’s forehead, and told the stylist this. She thought it was awesome, and kept telling the others “this girl got her daddy’s forehead!” It was pretty cool, she was cutting it how I wanted it, but was afraid of the bangs and asks another girl there how to do it without making me look bad. This girl comes over with a pair of scissors, a razor, and the intention to completely change my head. After some crazy hair whipping and scissors being literally dragged against chunks of my hair, she walked away and I had a whole new look. I think I love it. Think being the operative word here. Give me a few days with bangs to decide if I like them or not.

I’ll give you a picture when I find my battery charger.

What else? I don’t really know. The cats have been adorable lately. They love me so much more than ever before. (Ha!) But, seriously, they’re both really happy out here. Sarge is no longer interested in life outside the walls of the house, which is amazing. In Texas, I couldn’t get him to stay inside. Now, he is totally content napping and playing inside. Eva, on the other hand, wants outside. Bad. She went out a couple of times, but after disappearing one night for close to 2 hours, I grounded her. She hasn’t been out since.