Technology can be the bane of my existence. Take my printer, for example. When I first got it, I quickly determined that it didn’t like to print the same color as my monitor. Which was sad. Very very sad. And now?! It won’t let me feed regular paper through it to print black and white stuff even. It pulls in the paper at some weird ass angle and can’t seem to get it. GAH! So, now I use my really nice printer as a scanner and a place to lean artwork.

Good thing I spent an assload of money on it.

On another note? Work is good. An order yesterday, 2 today. Woot.

Ok, I have to put this in perspective.

On the effort to protect myself from actually writing about my job, lets just say I sell doodads. At my old job, I would have had to sell 12000 doodads to make the commission I made on 900 doodads at my new job. 12000 to 900. Yes, I like my new job. It has a LOT more growing potential. Woot. And the 900 doodads I sold? Eh… not tremendous, but definitely ok. Nothing worth writing home about. If I had sold 12000 doodads before though? That would have been celebratory!

Yeah… it’s all good.

Um… k. That’s all for now. Kisses and whatnot.