Ok, while using my favorite browsing tool, stumbleupon, and I found this concept called 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days.

So, in lieu of an official New Years resolution for 2008 (because I find them kindof cheesy and no one ever sticks to them), I give you my own list of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days. That means my things can be big or small, and I have almost 3 years to complete my mission.

I need to finish this list… suggestions?


  1. Quit Smoking
  2. Stay Quit
  3. Lose 10 pounds
  4. Lose 20 pounds
  5. Lose 30 pounds
  6. Cut out soda
  7. Work

  8. Successfully assist with R&D of one product that makes it onto store shelves.
  9. Successfully assist with R&D of two products that make it onto store shelves.
  10. Get 1 order per day average over the course of an entire month.
  11. Get 2 order per day average over the course of an entire month.
  12. Sell bags into 1 store
  13. Sell bags into 3 stores
  14. Creative

  15. Set up Cassafrass Designs website
  16. Develop 4 primary bag designs
  17. Make photo boxes
  18. Get digital SLR camera
  19. Get pocket digital camera
  20. Take portraits of 5 people for portfolio. Planned sessions, not random shots.
  21. Take photos of 10 unique scenic views for portfolio. Can be urban or rural, must be unique.
  22. Get a serger
  23. Learn how to dye fabric
  24. Learn how to play mandolin
  25. Learn how to make a sundress
  26. Learn how to make a tank top
  27. Learn how to make blouses
  28. Family

  29. Visit Grandparents in NH
  30. Visit Grandmother in TN
  31. Attend grand opening of my parents store
  32. Visit brother in Asheville for more than 1 night
  33. Travel

  34. Visit friends in Seattle
  35. Visit friends in Detroit
  36. Leave the United States for at least 1 week
  37. Go camping for more than 2 nights in a row
  38. Visit friends in Austin
  39. Visit friends in Cali
  40. Other

  41. Send a postcard to Post Secret.
  42. Pay off my credit card debt.
  43. Put $5000 into investments.
  44. Get a brand-spanking new car of my own.
  45. Fly an airplane