So, I drove up to DC yesterday, where I am right now. It’s amazing, but I didn’t even have an urge to smoke a cigarette. Whaaa? 5 hours in the car, and I was totally fine. I did get a package of the lozenges, and used 2 yesterday. They say you’re supposed to use like 10 a day for 6 weeks. I say bullshit. It helps that I’m using Welbutrin method, which helps reduce the desire to smoke, and also helps make you happy! Woot. So, today is day 4 of no cigarettes, and I feel fine. That’s so weird. I don’t get it. This should be really really hard. The only thing I noticed was that on day 2, it felt like every nerve in my body was on edge. I didn’t even want a cigarette, my nerves were just shot.

Ok, so I was driving up, and stopped at a big fast food chain. Let me say, I haven’t eaten at this particular chain in probably 6 years, but all I wanted was a freaking cheeseburger, so I stopped there. I was standing in line, and this guy with a bluetooth headset and his 2 kids were in line in front of me. The kids were both under the age of 5 or 6, but definitely out of the whole “toddler” age group. They were really really cute boys. They were both grinning from ear to ear, and just cute in general.

Well, one of the boys waved at me, and of course I grinned and waved back. Next thing I know, he is right next to me, reaching for my arms for me to pick him up and swing him around or something. This is where the bluetooth thing comes into perspective. I get the guys attention, and ask him “sir, your son is adorable, but do you want him being so friendly with strangers?” He looked at me like I was weird, and calls the kid back. Almost immediately, the kid runs behind the counter and looks like he’s headed for the fryer. He grabbed the kid back again, but didn’t say anything to the kids about anything. I mean, the kids were really cute, but the father didn’t attempt at any sort of parenting.

Is it normal to let your kids hang on strangers in fast food restaurants? I mean, the kids were really cute, and I’m all about smiling and waving at little kids, but most of the time, they grin and then hide behind their parents. The bluetooth guy made me think about this generation. I mean, we have so much technology at our fingertips, but does that mean that we forget about the things that we would normally be thinking about? I’m as bad as anyone, answering my cell anywhere (except checkout lines), so I don’t want to seem like a hypocrite.

But, I can only hope that if I ever have kids, I hope to be the parents who notices my kids enough to know when they’re dangerously close to being too friendly with strangers. Smiling and waving is one thing, but what’s the line? I mean, I know that fast food restaurants are pretty safe (who would snatch a kid from the line?!) and I am totally a kid magnet (seriously, at my retail jobs, I’ve always been the one who kids are immediately drawn to), but what’s the line?