So, as I’m getting into the swing of the new year, I’ve been starting to get into the swing of having a regular schedule, even though I’m working from home. I started the job in October, and between then and now, I moved to NC from TX, and never really managed to get a schedule down. First it was a new job, then I was moving, then I was getting my shit together after the move, then it was the holidays! My schedule… it never got worked out.

Now, it’s a new year. And my job is starting to pick up (so I should start writing REGULAR orders soon! OMG! Does that mean I’ll start making money??), so I’m trying to get this worked out. This week has been an A for effort, but E for execution. But, that’s not for lack of want. I went to DC last weekend, got shit for sleep, got home late on Sunday, and wasn’t able to get on a regular schedule since then.

Anyways… I don’t know where that came from. As I titled the entry, I was going to comment on the fact that it’s a rainy day out, and that I really enjoy working on days like this. I have my pot of coffee going in the kitchen, the tv in the living room is set to CSI or something of the sort (I don’t actually watch it, but if there’s no noise in the house, I can’t seem to get work done. Go figure). Then, I come, sit down at the computer and start to make some calls. Eventually, one of the cats finds my lap, normally right about when I’m thinking about a refill on my coffee.

And on it goes. Sometimes I get distracted by myspace for a half hour, but that’s no different than getting distracted by a coworker in an office, as far as I can tell. I take breaks to take a shower, eat some food.

The best part? After a good day working, I get super creative at night. I made a totally bomb-tastic present for a friend last night (ok, it was promised months ago, but good things come to those who wait!!), and already have plans for a couple of projects tonight that shouldn’t be too hard. Then, I need to start making bags for my mom’s store so that she has them by opening day! Oh yeah, I’m also working on drapes for the house. My roommate didn’t like his, and I had a huge amount of really UGLY fabric (free drapery fabric from an old coworker) that I dyed a nice green. So, they’ll be easy, but it’s a huge amount of sewing straight lines.

Oh yeah!

So… a long time ago I got a new camera. A long time before that, I got my hair cut with bangs!! OMG! So, I JUST took a picture of myself, attempting to look cute, although it’s painful how much I look dumb in most pictures. It’s like… I’m good at taking pictures of others, but horrible at taking pictures of myself. (So what if I feel like a dumbass pointing a camera at myself! I just don’t know what do to with my damn face!!)

Right. I trimmed my bangs this morning.

Me! New and improved! With bangs!