Well, as I expected, my story from yesterday brought my “friend” into the open. I never opened up the comments she left for public viewing, and the email address address listed has been marked as spam. All I can say as that I never listed names of anyone or anything, nor direct references to what my job was besides tasks. Anyone see anything I can be sued over?

Even at Eyespeak, I never mentioned names of people nor places besides the city in which I lived. Hey! EVERYONE! I lived in Austin Texas and worked in an office that did shipping and receiving of goods. I was a bookkeeper and sales person.

Quick! Name that company!

Oh, I’m sorry. You still don’t know, nor will I tell you.

Update: I’ve been informed that a “formal” complaint has been lodged with wordpress. If this is examined, I hold firm that the person who opened up their identity was the person in question who has been harassing me since I left the employ of her husband almost 6 months ago. She has done this multiple times on my various blogs, although most of the comments have been deleted. The only time I referred to her by name was in my most recent post after being anonymously emailed blog posts months after I thought the subject was dead.

So, here’s the deal. She feels that I have wronged her in my unhappiness with my previous job (although, she had no actual connection to the job besides her husband, who was the source of my unhappiness), and makes a point to bring up old trash and then emailing it anonymously months after I put the subject to rest by deleting my old blog. One last time: I would not have learned about these entries about my had I not received anonymous emails. I was pushed to react from whom I can only assume is her, as I have seen stats on THIS blog from IP blocking websites. Again, the only person interested in keeping themselves private from me is the person who is making the accusations. This person only came into the open when I wrote my side of what happened, after being bombarded with this persons attacks which were clearly written in my direction. I had kept my mouth shut for 4 months, after the same person wrote a myriad of rude emails and comments on another blog that led me to move here. She asks me when she threatened my parents, and I remind her of the comment she left me that led me to delete the previous blog. Then? She followed me here, after I did everything in my power to delete my identity from this location. It is obvious to me that this person is completely hell-bent on silencing me, even though I have deleted her comments and have thus protected her identity to this point. If there are any complaints, please let me know. Last I checked, linking to a myspace profile quoting a blog post is totally within in the rights of being legal. I used her first name, but it is the same first name used in her myspace profile.