I’m done with the bullshit I’ve been talking about. If anyone has any advice, please let me know. Otherwise? The only time I have written about that situation is when I’m provoked. The only reason why I have been provoked to this point is “anonymous” people who are watching my blog behind the guise of an ip blocker or emailing me blog posts that are obviously referring to me. For real? I’m no idiot. If you write about me and then email it to me, even if it was sent anonymously, I know it was you. And an IP blocker? Yeah, you’re the only one who would bother with that either.

Now, can someone, PLEASE, change the subject?

Oh, that’s right. I should warn you. I have the urge to delete this blog too. But, if I deleted this one, she’d think she “won” and that she had “chased me off”. Anyways, she’d just find my new home anyways, wherever I try to find it. She’ll find a way to track it. Anyone with the right equipment and psychotic willpower can locate anyone on the net. Plus? I don’t want to change the name of my bag business, and that will ALWAYS lead her back to me. All she’d need to do is google it.


Again… anyone want to change the subject? Please?