So, as I’m in the process of archiving some old files and deleting an old blog, I recalled an entry that a lot of people loved. So, this week, for Love Thursday, I give you a revisit of “A Glass of my Childhood.” I originally posted this on July 19th of last year, but I didn’t want this to get lost forever in my archive file on my hard drive.

Also? My mom is opening her shop in 2 weeks. This shop is something that she has dreamed of for years, but was never “allowed” to pursue. No one ever told her no, per say, but it was always a pipe dream that she didn’t think she could do on her own. Long story short, it was supposed to be her and my dad, but due to plans changing (as they always do), it’s her baby as of March 1, and my dad will have to go do something else for a few years until his legal obligations change. (That sentence was WAY vague, but I promise, it’s nothing worse than life getting in the way of plans. It happens. You figure it out.)

Anyways, as this (re)post is a roundabout ode to her, I have to take a moment to express my love for her. My mother is completely wonky like me, but my perfect match. She makes me absolutely crawl the walls sometimes, but it’s only because I can see my own flaws in her. She embraces our shared flaws while I push them away. Regardless? We are made of the same material, my mom and I.

So? What am I saying? I love my mom very deeply, and the past and future glasses of tea that we have shared represent our constant dialogue. Sometimes it’s a bit bitter, but always sweet in the end. Some people may wonder why I love the “mommy” blogs so much, and I’ll tell you. It’s because I love my mom and hope that someday my kids will love their mom too. In all other relationships between moms and their children, I’m a bit envious but also feel very fortunate. I can see my own life with a million variations involved.

Happy Love Thursday, y’all

Do you ever have that thing that flashes you back to another time? Be it a baseball game, swim practice, math class, or a high school dance, there’s always things that suddenly remind me of another time and place.

Last night, I called my mom for a recipe. It’s a really easy one too. Mint tea. But, I didn’t want just ANY mint tea recipe, I needed the one from when I was growing up. It was super duper easy to make (because, really, any staple in a home full of kids HAS to be easy to make), so I whipped up a batch. Well… I had to first go to the grocery store for a gallon jug, because I knew that this would be the drink that I would finish by the gallon-full! So, after 20 minutes of steeping followed by mixing in sugar and cold water, I have a full-fledged glass of childhood!

This tea brings back such strong moments in my life. I’m talking about riding my bike home from swim practice and flopping onto the couch, still in my bathing suit and shorts, with a glass of tea in one hand and the remote in the other. We had practice at like 7am, 6 days a week, so by the time you got home at 11 or 12, the tea was the perfect thirst quencher. Graduation parties, thursday night dinners, picnics at the park… if it was summertime, everything went well with a glass of mint tea.

So, in college, my parents moved to the beach and I moved around. I think my mom still made the tea at the beach, but I was running around and working so much that I never really drank much of it. Then I moved to TX and haven’t really thought about it much.

So, this spring, when I was planting my tomatoes, I decided that it would be good to get some herbs or something in addition to the tomatoes. I saw the mint and thought to myself “that’s easy to grow, maybe I’ll make some tea during the summer.”

In retrospect, I made a great decision. Suddenly, I can drink a glass of my childhood and smile a bit, remembering that my mom also drank this when she was a child, and most likely my grandma when she was a kid too. Maybe someday I’ll be able to make a pitcher for my family and follow one of the few things my family has passed through the generations.