Guess what? If a rude comment is written on this blog, I will never approve it! And that means that the writer will only succeed in annoying me but never actually manage to let anyone else’s eyes see it.

Huh. “Whaaaaa? But, but! If I write it! EVERYONE will see it!” Is that what you’re thinking?

Here’s how it works. My blog has comment moderation. If an author of a comment has never been approved on here, then it gets held in a queue until I tell wordpress what to do with the comment.  I mark the comment as spam, and then respond by email reminding you that you don’t have to read my writing. I’m happy with this home on the web. I write for my own pleasure, not yours. I like sharing my thoughts with the world, but know that not everyone will be on the same page as me.

That means that if you happened to make up a fake email address to write rude comments, I’d probably know. Because, I do respond to rude comments saying literally “Thanks for your input. I’m sorry you don’t like my writing, but you know… you don’t really need to read it!”

So, suggesting that I have anger problems and should have my head shrunk? Yeah… I know of a particular post that is probably being talked about elsewhere. And, I don’t care anymore. I associate all nasty anonymous comments to one single person in my life. It’s kindof fun, actually. So, have at it! Say what you want. It will be marked as spam in my mind AND on my blog.

Tee hee.