I’m getting ready to meet with an accountant who will help me with my taxes. Since I was an independent contractor this past year, moved across the country, and also had a “regular” job, I decided that maybe I should pay someone to help me make sure I don’t break the law. Wheeeeeee.

Wish me luck?

Because, seriously, I reallllllly hope that I get refunds rather than owing. I doubt that will be the case, but I can dream, right? I know I’ll owe North Carolina some money, but I don’t think it’ll be much since I only worked here in November and December and made next to nothing as an independent contractor. As far as the feds, I’m hoping that my huge pay cut in September will mean that I was paying taxes for a different bracket before. Wouldn’t that be nice? Also, I’m thinking that I’ve finally got enough write-offs to help.

So, after I meet with my accountant, I’m going over to my parents house to have a “date” with my dad. This date will consist of me taking a huge loan from him to get my finances under control and working out a payment plan to get it paid off. Then we’re going to make some Ramen and laugh at my future for a few minutes.

Hi Pride! Swallow yourself! Because now is NOT the time to override reality. Now is the time to admit that it’s been a fun run, and sometimes it’s time to grow the fuck up. Kthnksbai.