My back has been perpetually bothering me for the last month or so. Its my lower back, right above where your hips bend, and it’s been making me NUTS.

Today, I woke up and could barely even stand. My back hurt so bad that rolling over hurt. WTF??

So, the mattress that is gross and old and may be infested with fleas is officially out. I can’t handle back pain like this, and I’m sure that the mattress is only making it worse. I mean, I went to sleep last night and my back didn’t hurt at all to speak of. I mean, there was the re-occurring throb that’s always there, but nothing that was making it hard to move. I wake up and I can’t move at ALL.


Fortunately, I live close to my parents and they have a spare bed in the basement that I can take. It’s a really firm mattress, if my memory serves me correct, and I’m thinking that it will be perfect. I just spoke to my dad and I’m guessing that I’ll probably go stay with them on Saturday (my roomie is having 2 friends AND his parents in town this weekend. I’m guessing there will be at least 1 dog involved. Whaaaa?) and bring the bed back on Sunday. Whee!

But, also? I’m thinking that the 20 lbs I’ve gained in the last 6 months aren’t helping things at all. I think the combination of weight gain and horrid mattress have deemed my back worthless.

Fuuuuuuuuuuck. I’m too young for this crap.