It’s friday and I’m still unemployed.


However, it could be worse. Apparently a check will be mailed next week. Whether or not it gets in the mail, and how much it’s for… that’s still up in the air. But, hopefully I’ll have some money in the next 10 days or so. That’ll buy me time to hold out for the right job.

Unfortunately, hoping to get paid more than $10 an hour seems like a pipe dream out here. And benefits? ::snort:: That’s hilarious. So, that means that I just keep sending out my resume and hope that someone sees how much I rock soon.

I have another post in the works about pet peeves… but I’m doing that thing where I’m feeling uninspired and my back is fucking killing me. So, instead, I pop more pain pills and wander away from the computer.

Anyone have the secret, or a killer work from home gig? I don’t need much. I just can’t afford to live on $8/hr.