So, over the past week or so, the roomie has been working on building a covered deck over the pre-existing back porch. Eventually, it’ll get screened in, which will be SO AWESOME. We were talking tonight about putting a ceiling fan in there, and he’s already talking about opening a different opening out there from the house and putting in a tiki-bar of sorts. Basically, awesomeness is happening behind the house.

Anyways, it rained a lot over the weekend, so work got delayed for a couple of days, and there’s still a lot to get done. His dad came into town for the initial construction, but after a week in town and 3 days waiting out the rain, he ( ::ahemFINALLY:: ) left. The man is nice and all, but me being unemployed and him being… boring… it was rough there for a little bit. Fortunately I was contemplating doing something slightly crazy, so I spent a lot of time on the phone, hiding in my closet, talking to my friends and parents about the pros and cons. (BTW – no, my life is not changing. There was a possibility of doing a friend an insanely huge favor that would change my life, but in the end, we decided not to do it.)

Right… I got WAY off topic. This afternoon, I helped the roomie tar and put shingles on the roof of the newly built porch roof. We only got 1/2 way done, but we’ve gotten the method down, so the second 1/2 should only take a couple more hours. Yay! I rock! Also, we’re totally installing skylights up there (ROCK!!!), so it was kindof fun helping him work out the math to cut the shingles down. And, by shingles, I mean NOT shingles, but that’s the closest descriptor we can thing of. It’s like a roll of shingles, only 3′ wide and no ACTUAL shingle separation. But, you overlap it when you lay it, so its kindof like shingles.

Whatever. I totally digress from the reason why I opened up this blog post in the first place.

You NEED to go over and check out this website. I just stumbled upon it, and have played with it for like 10 minutes. Basically, you zoom into parts of photographs, where they have used other photographs to create the color palette. You zoom in more, and into other photographs. I love the way they’ve created detail and texture using colors from other photographs.

And, yes, it’s totally appropriate that at 1am I’m effing around on the internet instead of sleeping. Shhhh. I was productive today! (Preita, I finished the bag this afternoon, and while I see things I’d do differently next time, I think it’s pretty much awesome. I need to photograph and then mail it. Should I make more drawstring bags before I send the package?)