Damn, I need to find my writers block and kick its ass.

Regardless, the good news is that this afternoon I accepted a job offer with a bank in town. YAY! I have a job! I start on May 12th, which is awesome. That’s only a couple of days before my birthday, so at least as I round big number 26, I’ll be working again.

I have to say, I think that my writers block has been a result of the joblessness. I mean, I have NO money, so I can’t really do anything fun. Therefore I don’t have anything fun to write about. And updating to say “no job yet, wow this sucks” isn’t really the route I want to take this blog.

I should play with pictures, though. I did go to a party last weekend at the beach where I ended up literally falling-down drunk. To my honor, I swear that the beach was very uneven and unstable. Buttttt… drinking straight from the whiskey bottle WAS my own fault.