So, tomorrow is the big day. I start my new job at the bank at 8:30am. I work there til 5ish, then go to my other job from 5:30 – 9:30. Then I get up in the morning and go back to the bank. Fortunately, I don’t work the other job til Saturday, but that DOES mean that I’m getting ready for a 6 day work week. Fun?

The good news is that I’m working! The bad news is that I’ll probably have to start drinking coffee again. LOL.

Happy Mothers Day to all of the fabulous mothers (and soon to be!) in my life!! I’ll admit it though, you MIGHT be jealous of my mom, because we went shopping at my store today and I helped her get some CUTE stuff. Seriously, my mom is adorable (she’s petite like me, but weighs what I wished I weigh, so she’s like a smaller version of me…), and I love helping her update her wardrobe. I try not to treat her like my barbie doll, but sometimes it’s hard not to. She’s just so damned cute. Anyways, I help show her how to hide the stuff she hates and emphasize her assets, and she always walks away beaming with confidence. (And, yes, I’m talking about my 50 year old mother here, proof that you’re only as young as you feel!!) I picked up a couple of items that I wanted to fill in holes with (I’m getting close to feeling like I have options in my closet for work), but we mostly spent money on her. 🙂 Then my dad made us dinner and we finished it off with angel food cake, fresh strawberries, (light) vanilla ice cream, and (light) whipped cream. Mmmmmmm. SO GOOD. It was a good day, and I think my mom really had a blast.

So, yeah. Happy Mothers Day, and hopefully I’ll make it through my first week of work ok. 🙂