So far, today has had its ups and downs. I’ll start with the downs, because they’re just annoying.

It’s cold, it’s windy, and the road to my house got covered with water at about 10am. It rained a bit in the last few days, but not a whole lot. However, the wind gusting to 35 or 40 mph from the right direction pushes the sound-water over my road. Ironic that this is the most highly traveled secondary road in North Carolina, yet they won’t fix this reoccuring spot, that strands thousands of people on the wrong side, twice now since I moved out here? ::GRUMBLE:: This is one of those issues that really bugs me. But, I can’t do anything about it right now, so we deal and hope to be on the right side when it washes out.

So, today? This was pretty much ok, since I was already at work, so it didn’t really affect me. But, I forgot to feed the cats before I left for work today and thought I’d be gone til 9:30 or 10 tonight. Turns out I get an hour lunch break, so I could have come home and fed them with more than enough time to eat and probably get back early. My manager mentions my hour lunch around 9:30, we get word around 10:15 that the road is washed out and the schools will be closing at noon. There go my lunch plans. So, that was annoying. Not end of the world, but definitely sits in the back of your mind. (Will I be able to get home tonight at 10ish when I finally get off of my 2nd job and a 13 hour work day? Will my cats hate my guts if they get no food til tomorrow? How do I go to work tomorrow without any fresh clothes? etc. Annoying when you’re trying to learn policies and procedures, not to mention make a good impression on your FIRST DAY of work. I mean, this shit is important for my future at my job. I need to show them how awesome I am, now that they’ve hired me.)

The ups are that the winds finally started to 25 mph, so finally half of the road was uncovered. There was highway patrol out directing traffic (hee, TINY road, BIG cops, lol) at 4 when I tried to come home. Part of what makes this good is that my manager and boss both agreed that I should try to come home when I could, because they were only planning on keeping me til 3:30 anyways. I’m doing computer training right now, so by then I had already completed 3 modules (policies, procedures, laws that NEED to be known, you know… shit that matters) and was starting the actual teller training one. This module is HUGE and has TONS of pertinent information. So, I’ve just finished reading about banking laws and regulations and learning about all the legal stuff, and now I was about to learn a million specifics about the bank itself. So, by about 3:45, my head was swimming with information, and I checked the weather report. I saw that the winds had dropped, so suggested that the road may be passable. They gave me their cell phone numbers in case I needed a place to crash tonight. Love them and their sweetness. For real, I’m overwhelmed with the feeling that I’ve made a great decision.

Also? Another teller was telling me that she had gone to her physical (out of town for a week) training before she had gotten the computer work done. By day 3, she was ready to quit, she was so over her head. So, I’m really glad that I’ve got a couple of weeks to do computer work and shadow other people before my out of town training.

Sidebar: Eva just took a walk across the keyboard, I think she wanted me to say “hi”. The characters she left behind looked a bit like a penis, so I deleted it. Dirty kitty!

Anyways, I need to go pack an overnight bag in case the road is washed out again later. I called my manager when I got home, and she mentioned that if I was interested, I could come in for a branch meeting in the morning a bit early. I don’t want a silly change of clothes to prevent me from being there on time.