it’s a good week as of yet. i like my new job, my birthday was fabulous, and my parents found out that one of their boy kittens is actually a girl! ::giggle:: i had a feeling, but only in the “wow, he seems REALLY shy” way. he’s a brown tabby, like eva, so i assumed it’s a brown tabby trait. now i’m thinking its a brown tabby GIRL trait. she likes people enough, but she’d much rather explore on her own. the boy, however, has nothing but purrs and love. just like a true romeo.

ok, i love you all but am so damn tired. i need to get used to this whole “waking up” and “working” thing. my unemployment sucked, but i have to admit… i LOVE sleeping in and staying up late. fortunately, i haven’t had trouble falling asleep, it’s just the “getting things done” when i’m home that’s harder. shit, i must have 50 or 60 emails that i need to look at, and probably respond to at least 1/3 of them.

maybe tomorrow…