So, my computer is still being a brat, and now that I’m working all the damn time, I haven’t had a chance to get it fixed again. However, I’m working in my mom’s shop today and finally have some internet access where I can roam free. (Did I mention that my roomie’s computer finally gave up, so we’re totally paying for internet that neither of us can use??)

So, lots is going on in my life, yet nothing too especially crazy. Summertime is definitely back at the beach, so there’s tons to do at night time that generally involves beer and laughter. I met a boy at the bar a couple of weeks ago that I’ve been talking to, and I’m hoping it works out. We’ve hung out a handful of times as “friends” and yesterday I totally broached the “hey, maybe we should makeout sometime” concept. So, we’ll see where that takes us.

Jobs are going pretty well. I’ve been working at the bank and Eddie Bauer for the last few months. My mom’s shop is doing pretty well, and she needs some more help, so I’m cutting back my hours at Eddie Bauer to one or two nights a month and helping her out a few days a week. It works out really well, as she can finally go home and really not worry about the store. Plus, I work during relatively slow times, so I can actually check my email and update my bloggggg. Woot.

Let me think… what else? Fleas are still a problem at the house, but not nearly as bad. The exterminator came out to take care of them, and while there’s still a few left, he should be returning this week to do a follow up spray. God, our fleas are like a new race of super-fleas this summer. NOTHING will kill them. But, I’m only getting bitten a couple of times a day now, so I’m no longer at the brink of tears whenever I’m at my house.

Yeah, life is going well. It seems like the turmoil that has followed me for the last year is finally calming down. I’m finding the balance that I need in my life, and making some great new friends. Lets see how it goes, alright?

Love and whatnot!