So, there were 3 new comments the other day on my post from a couple of months ago. Lets look at them.

Anon said man, you’re pretty stupid. Get a life you ugly girl. Faced said As long as there is a google people will rape your website via a proxy, google cache, etc. Get over it. By the by my email is fake, stupid bitch. And finally we have anonymous who said “oh no, I can’t control the interewebs!!!”. I just accidentally landed on you blog, and I think it’s pathetic that you’re such a control freak.

Do I need to give a reminder that any anonymous comments are attributed to one specific person in my life? I appreciate being called a bitch because I was dealing with harsh issues from my past. Do I need to remind you specifically what the post said? Here’s lets quote the post in it’s entirety.

Hi. I know how to watch my stats. Someone has been watching my blog through, which is an IP blocker. Which means, I can’t track back to you.

Please, if you have the need to block your IP so I don’t know who you are, leave me the hell alone.

Does this seem like a control freak or bitchy post? I didn’t really think so. To me, it seemed more like a “hey, leave me alone if you’re trying to hurt me” post.

The best thing about these 3 anonymous comments is that they were posted within 10 minutes of each other. What are the chances that 3 complete strangers found the post in 10 minutes and decided to each comment on what a bad person I am?

Here’s the truth of the matter, I can be a bitch. Most people don’t have to see that side of me because it’s not my nicest side. But then again, I don’t know many people who look “nice” when they’re being a bitch. I reserve that type of behavior for special cases. And to be totally honest, I don’t know many people who don’t hold that trait in their capabilities. However, anonymously calling someone a bitch and a control freak on a post merely asking someone to leave them alone is pretty sad in my opinion. To me, it only shows that persons fear of being discovered and uncovered. For months now I’ve received anonymous comments and emails that all fall along these lines. But, you know what? I can’t control the internet. However, I can ask people to leave me alone if their only motivation in life is to jab at me and make me cry. I have made mistakes in my past. Everyone has. I have learned from my mistakes and healed from the arguments. Now is the time to move on.

So, lets get this clear. My “mean” and “bitchy” posts dealt with a specific situation that I have been more than clear about. If you choose to read my thoughts on beach parties and summer showers and claim that they show that I’m a mean person, I’d like to encourage you to get your head examined. 99% of the posts on this blog are happy and reflective of my life at the beach. I’m very happy with my life here and things are going well.

So, lets reiterate something that I’ve said before and I’ll say again. If there are anonymous comments on this blog basically telling me that I’m a bad person, I’ll attribute them to one person in my life. That person matters very little to me, so it actually gives me a sort of joy to get those comments. Each time I receive one of these comments, I get proof that this person has a very sad life in that they still need to poke and prod and try to get a reaction out of me. This person is almost twice my age, yet can’t seem to let go of things that most adults are capable of forgetting. Sure, this person and I have had a very intense and angry exchange of words, yet I haven’t communicated with them directly since last year. It’s sad that they still can’t seem to let go. Very very sad.

Six months ago, my reaction was anger and hostility. But now? My reaction is to think “how sad that your life still revolves around badmouthing me”. I’ve got better things to do with my time than worry about that person. When I see this person in public, I give them space and choose not to interact with them. Why? Because all of the drama is in the past and not worth continuing. Life is too short to be pissed off all the time. I’ve put on my big girl pants and grown up… I just wish that others would do the same.

So, while I love your comments on my blog, I’ll remind you that all “mean” comments get deleted. I had enough “high school drama” when I was 16, I don’t need it now.