So, in April of 2004, I cut off my dreadlocks. I had been working on them for a couple of years, and before that I had a set that I had been working on for a couple of years (I cut them in the middle when I was living on the Mexican border and didn’t want to be questioned daily about smuggling drugs or whatnot).

So, since that day in 2004, I’ve gotten a couple of haircuts. Mostly to even it out and give it shape. I was blessed with hair that I love, it’s curly but a bit fine. The nice part of that is that it holds a curl, but isn’t super heavy and thick. As of yesterday morning, my hair was pretty long, coming well past my shoulders. It’s a dark blond / light brown color, and not too horribly interesting.

Yesterday, I had an appointment at a ::gasp:: real salon! Normally, I do a walkin at any place that costs less than $20 including tip, but I’ve had the urge to get my hair cut in a bad way. I wanted to add some interesting color to it, and funk-ify the style.


I’m now in love with my hair. I’ve become one of those girls who can’t stop looking in the mirror and playing with her hair. It’s rediculous.

I need to get my camera and take some pictures, but lets just say that all of the women who I know and have seen me have gone on and on about how good it looks. Our 16 year old employee, Kim, exclaimed “Oh my god! You look SO hot!!” I love it. I saw my female roomies at the bar last night, and they were all “woah! can I touch it! it’s so cute!!” And I’ll tell you, they’re both hippies. I love that even the hippies approve and don’t think I went too far over the top.

So, the style: I’ve got bangs still, but then the front is chin length. Then it gets super choppy with severe angles so that the hair in the back is pretty short, almost as short as a “boy” cut. She added red and blond highlights to it, and I swear to god, I’ve never loved my hair so much in my life. The curls are perfect for the style, and I’m pretty much adorable. With my hair like this, it’s SO EASY to look good, as the curls basically take on a life of their own in a good way. All I really have to do is put a little de-frizzer in there and train the bangs the right way for the day, and I’m good to go.

Lalala. I love my hair. Now I just need to take a picture so y’all can see. ::giggle::

Oh yeah, another note. I got some nasty comments on my post about mean comments. Seriously people, are you on crack? One said something like “I hate dykes, you’re going to hell you fat bitch.” Really now? First off, I’m not gay. But, if I were, would an anonymous comment change that? Uh… no. Someone else got on my case about watching my stats. They made it look like I’m OCD and crazy for wondering where my readers come from. For the most part, I love have readers come from all over. I get a huge kick of seeing readers from all over the world. I think it’s really cool! But, when I can clearly see that they’re using an IP blocker, I’d prefer them to leave me alone. I don’t really want those type of readers. But, whatev. Its out of my hands.

Just a friendly reminder though… don’t waste your time with mean comments. They’ll never get approved. The end.