Its hard to believe its almost August. I mean, seriously now, where did the summer go?!? I’ve only been to the beach twice this summer, and I have a feeling I may only go once or twice more. I had a customer at the bank comment yesterday how tan I look, which led to a funny conversation about the fact that it’s a “windshield tan”. Somehow, I don’t have “drivers arm”, but what tan I do have definitely comes from smoke breaks and driving between jobs. But, what are you going to do?

And to be totally honest with you? I don’t really like to go to the beach in the summertime. Too many tourists all over the place. They’re rude and dumb. The last time I went to the beach, some tourists decided to play volleyball. Instead of asking us to move (or even *gasp* play with them), they just set up so that our towels were in the middle of their court. I heard one of them loudly telling another “oh, whatever, they’ll figure it out!!” when it came to us being in the middle of their court. What ass-hats. But, it didn’t really matter because I had enough sun at that point and was ready to go anyways.

I’m excited for the fall. It’ll be really nice. I think it’s my favorite season out here. The water is warm from the summer, but the tourists are gone and the sand isn’t nearly as hot. Plus, the tourists have gone home, so there’s no traffic to speak of. During the spring, you’ve gotten used to there being no traffic. Suddenly, Memorial Day weekend comes around and with it comes the people. At any point in time 90% of the people on the road aren’t from around here and have no idea where they’re going. They drive 20 in a 45mph zone and turn a 10 minute commute into a 25 minute drive. A couple of weeks ago, a drive that normally takes me 45 minutes took almost 90 because of the New York idiots I got caught behind.

Should I mention that I hate 2 lane roads that are curvy? They’re REALLY hard to pass on.

Anyways, only a few more weeks to the summer. August will fly by and then it will be September. My brother gets married in August, my cousin in September. Woot.

Love and whatnot!