Ok, it’s been crazy lately. I’ll admit it. I’ve been completely out of touch with people as I’ve been doing everything I can just to stay on top of my jobs and life in general.

So… my brother got married this past weekend. Along with the wedding, a couple of things happened.

  • I decided to move in with my parents in a few weeks to save money and pay off debt. I’ve been thinking about it for a few months, but the fact is that I’ve been struggling with money for years, and my parents are willing to help. I need to learn how to accept help when it’s offered.
  • My dad and I were un-invited from my cousins wedding next month, thanks to my grandfather. We don’t think my cousin knows, and I kindof hope she finds out. She’d be SO pissed.
  • We went to the wedding on Saturday, and when the families were being walked out of the church at the end, I was totally escorted by 2 men in their dress greens. Hott.
  • We went out on a boat on a lake in the mountains on Sunday, before driving home. It was awesome.
  • I was asked when I was expecting my baby from a clerk at Subway. I almost punched him in the face as a result.
  • My grandmother died on Sunday, around 8pm.

Oh, wait… whats that? My grandma died? One of these days I need to dedicate a post to her because despite some of her “mean old lady” years, she was a cool lady with a LOT of spunk. We all knew it was a matter of time before she passed, and I’m just thankful that it happened after the wedding rather than before or during.

I wanted to share this picture, taken on Saturday, of my mom and her remaining siblings. It’s the first time the 3 of them were together in probably 10 or 15 years when it didn’t involve a funeral.