I’m trying to think of interesting and amusing things to write about, so be prepared. Why? Because it’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve been reading books and going on walks and whatnot, and I figured “why not, I haven’t posted on my blog in a while”. Plus, it’s better than vegging in front of the idiot box. Honestly, I’m bored and avoiding chores. And there you have it.

I just finished reading this 1982-esque book called The Traveler. It was kindof crazy, as it had tons of new technology inspired action (gps like tracking implanted into your body), and totally followed the “big brother is watching” mentality. Not the best book I’ve ever read (I’d say a 3 out of 5 rating), but definitely interesting.

I’m kindof sad. Well, sad isn’t the right word, but I can’t think of the right one off the top of my head. My mom came back from flying kites and told me that some people down the road from us had bikes going out with their trash. So, we walked over to grab one (I’ve been wanting to get a bike for about a month now) and they were both already gone. Well, one was gone and the other was being picked up by some kids who were obviously too small for the bike. I asked my mom to back me up if I beat up the kids for the bike, but she said that they probably needed it more than me. She was totally right (because, obviously, I only threaten to beat up children when they’re eating cake!), but it’s a bit of sadness. Plus, it was a road bike probably designed for a 6′ tall man. One fall off that thing and I’d be incapable of ever reproducing. Too bad the bikes that I really want are in the $200 – $500 range (a multi-speed beach cruiser, if you’re curious), so I can’t just go pick one up at the store. Instead I need to budget for it. Stupid budget. I also need to take my cats to the vet for their annual shots, so it looks like I’ll be getting a bike right around when it gets shitty cold outside. Boo! Maybe I can convince my grandparents that they really want to help me get into better shape. Because, really now, my bank is only 4 – 5 miles from where I live, so if I rode to and from work every day (or realistically a couple of times a week), I should be in much better shape by the spring. Then I could actually wear a damn bikini next summer. Wow… deep thoughts on beating up children and wanting a bicycle.

Speaking of cats needing shots, fleas again!!! They’re not too bad, but we definitely have a handful in the house. We’ve bombed and vacuumed and bombed and vacuumed, but every few days we see one and it pisses me off. I swear to god, there’s a special species of fleas out here that laugh at store bought flea bombs. It’s like they say “Ha, bitch, we laugh in the face of that puny bomb. Now lets chew on your cats!”

Meh. I think I’ve run out of boring topics to write about. Fun fun.