Trying like hell to get back into the habit of writing. So, here you have it.

I went out and got a little crazy today. I talked to my grandparents earlier this week. They had asked a few weeks ago what I wanted for Christmas, and I decided that what I really wanted was a bike. I’ve been thinking about getting one for a few months now, and all the ones I liked were totally out of my price range. So, I told them that I want a bike. I’ll say that they seemed surprised, yet pleased. I mentioned that I want to get into better shape, and that the neighborhoods around me are perfect for riding in. Some hills and whatnot to work me, but totally gorgeous. So, they agreed that it sounded perfect, and encouraged me to get it sooner rather than later. The weather is good right now, and by Christmas, it’ll be bitterly cold outside.

So, I went out and got a bike. EEEEEE. It’s SO CUTE.

Mine is seafoam green. I tried to take a picture in my basement, but the shots didn’t didn’t turn out so well. So, instead you get a stock photo.

Anywho, I decided on a hybrid bike that looks kindof like a beach cruiser, but has gears and hand brakes. I had the guy add a rear rack that a pack sits on top of.

That pack is kindof like it.

I even got a lock and a multitool so that if I get stranded somewhere, I should be able to fix it.


So, I went home and took a ride. Oh my god, I am so out of shape. Its funny, because I can tell by recent pictures taken of me that I’m not doing so hot. I refuse to weigh myself these days, but I think I should so that I have some sort of basis to work from. I’m where I was almost 3 years ago… which really annoys me. I managed to lose some weight and get close to my ultimate goal, and I find myself back at the beginning. But, this isn’t a post to complain about my weight, because DAMNIT, I just got a new bike.

Other things I should write about?

  • American Kiteflyers Association convention in Gettysburg that I went to in September.
  • Busch Gardens and their Howl-o-scream setup that I went to last Friday.
  • Project Runway and how I wanted Korto to win, but Leanne is also amazingly talented. I’m just glad Kenley and her attitude didn’t win.
  • Potential changes in my life that probably won’t happen, but as usual, I’m looking to change it up all the time.
  • Fleas. FUCKING FLEAS. The infestation isn’t all that bad, but seriously, I’m sick of washing my blankets every other day. I’m not getting eaten alive this time, but my poor kids are.