Good god, I forgot how hard it can be to ride a bike. I just went around the block (close to 1.5 miles) and almost didn’t make it up the last incline without stopping. Y’all would laugh if you saw these inclines… they’re the ones you don’t even think twice about when walking or driving your car. I do remember that I used to run around that block, and they did suck a lot when running. But, seriously… wow.

In other news, the bank was crazy full of assholes today. I mean, if I don’t know someone and ask them for ID for their cash back, I don’t think its unreasonable. Apparently it is. Even if you never come into our branch and are getting a substantial amount of money back. Seriously, wouldn’t you prefer that the correct person is getting money out of your account?!

Whatever. Tomorrow will be a new day full of a unique bunch (of assholes).

Woot. Remind me to catch my breath. That last hill sucked.