I have met this guy, lets just call him The Hottest Man Alive. Because, seriously, he is. He’s come into my bank a couple of times, and we always talk a lot while there. So, I may have mentioned him, I saw him play about a week ago on my friend Caitlins birthday. This past friday I went to see him again, and it was a lot quieter this time. He hung out with us on all of his breaks and totally played a song by one of my favorite bands, Lucero.

Can we just pause to appreciate the fact that I didn’t think a single person on this island had heard of Lucero?

So, anyways, at the end of the night, I gave him my number and he totally called me last night. I think we’re gonna hang out later today when he gets off work.

I’m crossing my fingers. This man is smart, an amazing musician, and The Hottest Man Alive. Would it be inappropriate to ask him if he wanted to bumb uglies with me?