Preita – don’t be mad at me! I totally intended on posting all month, but then I didn’t. I’m sorry!

Lets just say that it’s been a crazy month. One of my good friends left the island last week for a few months, so we were pretending to be rock stars and partied a lot. Lots of booze + very little sleep = Cassie doesn’t write much on the interwebs.

Things have been going well, though. I finally am starting to feel like I have a circle of friends out here. We’re having a great time. My finances are, as always, shitty, but at least $2 beers help me not break the bank.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week! Although, it snowed out here the other day, so it’s a bit more believable. Should I mention that it didn’t snow at all last winter? What the hell?! But, it was pretty, only lasted a few hours, and didn’t stick. So, I can’t complain too much.

Ok, time to get ready and go out.