Yeah, that was the fastest relationship ever. I call it a relationship because homeboy went kindof crazy on me and was calling / texting more than 20 – 30 times a day. So, while it was 5 days, it felt like 6 months. He wanted to see me every night, and while that’s sweet, if I have something to do don’t argue with me about it. Because, for real, I’ve been talking to you for less than a week, so plan on maintaining part of my life before you. I don’t need to be your mom, and I don’t need you freaking out if you text and I don’t respond within 32 nano seconds. Oh yeah, and if we’re making out and I tell you to stop, I mean it. The word no does not give you permission to go further. And if I have to physically force you off of me, then I’m not going to want to see you 12 times the next day.

So, yeah. Blah. I’m definitely planning on being the crazy cat lady.