So, now that I’ve decided that I’m going to start writing again, it’s going to have to become a habit. And that means that even if I have writers block, I’ll write a little.

I went to Target last night to get a new scale (the old one was a piece and got left in NC) and found a good excercise DVD for $5. It came with a 2lb weight strap for your waist. So, I start the workout last night and am chuckling to myself “oh, this will be easy!”. HA. Not at all. By the time I finished, I was worn out. But, after watching TV for like 20 minutes, I somehow had the urge to move all of my living room furniture around.

Anyways, so I’m not sure I love my living room setup now, but I’m working on it. Eventually it’ll be perfect. Until then… well, it’ll keep getting moved.

I’m super effing sleepy today. And it’s not like I didn’t sleep last night. However, I think that I need to work out before 9:30pm if I’m going to work out. I finished around 10:30, and next think I knew it was 12. Oooops!

God, I’m writing about nothing at all. The end.