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Coming back

So, over the years I’ve had blog homes in a number of different locations. For various reasons, I had to move from spot to spot, and eventually stopped writing altogether.
I don’t really know what makes today different than any other day. Perhaps a fantastic weekend, in which I wish I had a place to write? Perhaps a slow day at work that reminds me that I used to write more in these times? I don’t really know, but it seems like the time is right.
So, let me re-introduce myself. My name is Cassie, but I go by tons of nicknames. Cassafrass is one that has stuck over the years, although if I were to redirect this blog, it would be spelled “casifras” instead. Something about that makes me happier.
Currently, I live in Austin TX with my awesome boyfriend (who we’ll refer to as Buki) and our 4 cats. Yes, 4 of them. I’m not even kidding. I had 2, he had 2, we moved in and such is life. And really, there’s a good chance that a good number of my future blog posts will be about the crazy antics of the 4 cats.
Are we good with re-introductions? At least for now? Because, I’d like to talk about “Buki”.

So, this past weekend, a friend from college came to town. He brought with him a sweet little old Mexican man, Norberto, as they’re touring this region doing a speaking tour. Now, Norberto is probably one of the funniest old men I’ve ever men. My spanish is pretty decent, but definitely far from great. My vocabulary is lacking, and I’ve forgotten more verbs than I remember it seems. But, Norberto speaks not a lick of english. Being the funny man that he is, he was constantly joking about this and that, including making fun of words that I couldn’t manage to say. (It’s true, I have a hard time saying “pelicula” which means movie. This caused him asking many many times “whats on the tv?” at which point I’d have to tell him “a movie”. giggle giggle giggle casifras can’t say “movie” in spanish)
Anyways, on Friday night, Norberto kept asking me who boyfriend was reminding him of. Being the mind reader that I am (HA!) I had no idea. He kept telling me “a band! you know! a band from mexico!” At this point, I started naming some bands I know. Manuchao. No. Cafe Tacuba. No. Well, these bands are definitely not from his generation, they’re from mine! So, no luck.
Finally, at about 11:30 on Friday night, Norberto shouts out “LOS BUKIS!!!” and immediately starts pointing at boyfriend and giggling. It takes us only a moment to pull of images of the band on Google and see exactly what he was talking about.

My boyfriend looks so similar to the lead singer, it’s a bit eerie. Except, boyfriend is about 20 years younger and doesn’t normally feather his hair. However, the similarity is definitely there. And, I think it’s hilarious. So, boyfriend has a new “pet” name, Buki. And I plan to make it stick for a long long time.
Now, for those of you who remember me, yes, this Buki of mine is relatively new, and yes we’re already living together. ::gasp:: In reality, we’ve been together for almost a year (our 1 year anniversary falls on the same day we leave TX to go visit my parents for Thanksgiving in NC). We moved in together over Valentines weekend, and I couldn’t be happier.


So, when I moved back to Austin, I made the decision that I wouldn’t write in my blog anymore. I got burned so bad in the past, that sometimes I still cringe when I think of the past.

But then? I decided that it just doesn’t matter what happened in the past. Learn from it and move on.

So, how’s about an update?

I moved back to Austin! I arrived on May 14th, just in time to celebrate my birthday on the 15th. My mom helped me move, and it was awesome. That weekend we looked around and found an apartment (that I moved into 3 weeks later), a bed, went to IKEA to price stuff out, got her cowboy boots (bright red, just like she wanted) and ate really really good food. On Monday, I started back at the kite company I used to work for, and since then, things have been going great.

So, lets fast forward a bit, shall we?

Since leaving Austin 18 months(ish) ago, I gained close to 50 lbs. DAMNIT! So, a couple of weeks ago, a coworker mentions that they’re going to do a “Biggest Loser” competition. I’m all “ok, I’m in!”. So, last week, I weighed in. It was a kindof rude awakening, but also good. I had to publicly admit how far I had let myself go. I mean, its not like I didn’t know. Its not like none of my clothes fit… I mean, I bought clothes to wear at the bank, and by the time I left the bank they wouldn’t fit anymore. I told myself for a while that they had shrunk in the wash… but lets be honest here. Your entire wardrobe won’t shrink in the wash.

So, now I’m on weight watchers. This weekend kindof sucked, but it was my first weekend on the program. I just need to get used to eating less late at night when I’m watching TV. Woot. Also, I need to get into some sort of exercise routine. If I walked a couple of miles a day, I’d get to eat more. And that would be happiness.

Oh yeah, I met a cute boy on Friday night, but when he hit on me I got awkward. Fortunately, I was at a house party, and I’m pretty sure the guy was the brother-in-law of the girl whose house we were at. So, now I just need to get in touch with her and tell her to tell her btother-in-law to call me. ::giggle::

It’s done

Yeah, that was the fastest relationship ever. I call it a relationship because homeboy went kindof crazy on me and was calling / texting more than 20 – 30 times a day. So, while it was 5 days, it felt like 6 months. He wanted to see me every night, and while that’s sweet, if I have something to do don’t argue with me about it. Because, for real, I’ve been talking to you for less than a week, so plan on maintaining part of my life before you. I don’t need to be your mom, and I don’t need you freaking out if you text and I don’t respond within 32 nano seconds. Oh yeah, and if we’re making out and I tell you to stop, I mean it. The word no does not give you permission to go further. And if I have to physically force you off of me, then I’m not going to want to see you 12 times the next day.

So, yeah. Blah. I’m definitely planning on being the crazy cat lady.


So, I had the best date ever last night.

This guy came into the bank yesterday afternoon, he’s come in often since I started there, and at the end of the transaction, he asks me for my number. I turn about 7 shades of red, but have always thought he was kindof cute, so gave it to him. He texted me within 5 minutes, asking to make plans for last night.

So, I agree, and meet him for a couple of drinks around 9. By 12, I had to go home (getting up at 7 sucks), but had some of the best conversations ever throughout the evening. By the time I get home, I have a text from him asking me to call when I get home so that he can say goodnight. How rediculously cute.

So, anyways, lets see what happens!

Crossing my fingers

I have met this guy, lets just call him The Hottest Man Alive. Because, seriously, he is. He’s come into my bank a couple of times, and we always talk a lot while there. So, I may have mentioned him, I saw him play about a week ago on my friend Caitlins birthday. This past friday I went to see him again, and it was a lot quieter this time. He hung out with us on all of his breaks and totally played a song by one of my favorite bands, Lucero.

Can we just pause to appreciate the fact that I didn’t think a single person on this island had heard of Lucero?

So, anyways, at the end of the night, I gave him my number and he totally called me last night. I think we’re gonna hang out later today when he gets off work.

I’m crossing my fingers. This man is smart, an amazing musician, and The Hottest Man Alive. Would it be inappropriate to ask him if he wanted to bumb uglies with me?