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And, I was going to start posting all the time. That was in July. Dang it. I just can’t get back into the swing of things on here. I’m thinking the crazy has affected me for life. Thanks, lady.


So, now that I’ve decided that I’m going to start writing again, it’s going to have to become a habit. And that means that even if I have writers block, I’ll write a little.

I went to Target last night to get a new scale (the old one was a piece and got left in NC) and found a good excercise DVD for $5. It came with a 2lb weight strap for your waist. So, I start the workout last night and am chuckling to myself “oh, this will be easy!”. HA. Not at all. By the time I finished, I was worn out. But, after watching TV for like 20 minutes, I somehow had the urge to move all of my living room furniture around.

Anyways, so I’m not sure I love my living room setup now, but I’m working on it. Eventually it’ll be perfect. Until then… well, it’ll keep getting moved.

I’m super effing sleepy today. And it’s not like I didn’t sleep last night. However, I think that I need to work out before 9:30pm if I’m going to work out. I finished around 10:30, and next think I knew it was 12. Oooops!

God, I’m writing about nothing at all. The end.

So, when I moved back to Austin, I made the decision that I wouldn’t write in my blog anymore. I got burned so bad in the past, that sometimes I still cringe when I think of the past.

But then? I decided that it just doesn’t matter what happened in the past. Learn from it and move on.

So, how’s about an update?

I moved back to Austin! I arrived on May 14th, just in time to celebrate my birthday on the 15th. My mom helped me move, and it was awesome. That weekend we looked around and found an apartment (that I moved into 3 weeks later), a bed, went to IKEA to price stuff out, got her cowboy boots (bright red, just like she wanted) and ate really really good food. On Monday, I started back at the kite company I used to work for, and since then, things have been going great.

So, lets fast forward a bit, shall we?

Since leaving Austin 18 months(ish) ago, I gained close to 50 lbs. DAMNIT! So, a couple of weeks ago, a coworker mentions that they’re going to do a “Biggest Loser” competition. I’m all “ok, I’m in!”. So, last week, I weighed in. It was a kindof rude awakening, but also good. I had to publicly admit how far I had let myself go. I mean, its not like I didn’t know. Its not like none of my clothes fit… I mean, I bought clothes to wear at the bank, and by the time I left the bank they wouldn’t fit anymore. I told myself for a while that they had shrunk in the wash… but lets be honest here. Your entire wardrobe won’t shrink in the wash.

So, now I’m on weight watchers. This weekend kindof sucked, but it was my first weekend on the program. I just need to get used to eating less late at night when I’m watching TV. Woot. Also, I need to get into some sort of exercise routine. If I walked a couple of miles a day, I’d get to eat more. And that would be happiness.

Oh yeah, I met a cute boy on Friday night, but when he hit on me I got awkward. Fortunately, I was at a house party, and I’m pretty sure the guy was the brother-in-law of the girl whose house we were at. So, now I just need to get in touch with her and tell her to tell her btother-in-law to call me. ::giggle::

One of my coworkers said to me today “If I wasn’t wearing a shirt right now, my tie would be pointing at my belly button”.

I almost died from laughter.

Kite festival in Cinci was awesome, roadtrip was awesome, life is awesome. In about a month, I’ll be leaving the beach to go back to Austin. Whee!


What a freaking joke. My computer crashed again a few weeks ago, and I have officially lost everything. I had some stuff backed up, but not nearly enough of my photographs. I think that last year will be pretty much gone as far is photography is concerned, including my brothers wedding. ::sigh::

I know that there’s no use freaking out… its not like there’s anything I can do about it. This is my own damn fault. Did I mention that my computer has done this a bunch of times and only recently could I afford a new external hard drive to replace the one that crashed last year? Yeah, because I just only replaced it when my computer crashed again. I thought I’d be able to get it going again like all the other times… but this time the hard drive was corrupted.


So, anyone got a copy of photoshop for mac that I could “borrow”?