First off, to you kind people who sent me your love and thoughts, thank you. Cuddles is still with us as of this morning, but it’s definitely bittersweet. If she wants anything (drink, eat, jump to a napping spot, climb stairs), my parents have to help her. My dad says it’s because I taught her determination. I think he’s right. Regardless, the pain in my heart is there, but I also want the old girl to move on. Her poor body isn’t keeping up with her kitten-like desires.

Speaking of kitten-like desires… Eva has spent the majority of the last 24 hours in my lap. I think my young lady has known that I’ve needed kitty lovin. She’s all “purr purr purr roll purr streeeeeetch purr sleep”. It’s pretty much awesome. I love that she’s finally realizing her full potential as a lap cat. I mean, I’ve been working at teaching her, but she’s still pretty young. There’s a lot of playing to be done before she’ll settle for some lap. But, I think she’s starting to pick up “adult cat” sleeping habits, and her little Buddha belly is definitely growing. Soon, I’ll need a forklift to get her off my lap, then then life will be goooooood.

Ok, so, here’s my story for the day. I was reading my blog reader (does that make sense? I was reading my feeds?) and saw a great photo post from Dooce. She mentioned that her fish has been alive for a year, and previously her longest living fish was a matter of hours. My first thought? “Don’t worry, Dooce, I kill things too.”


My roommates fish.


This past weekend, when I took my cats to my parents to bomb the house, I was gone a bit longer than I meant to be. You’re supposed to be gone for 4 hours, then open the windows and whatnot for a half hour, then you can resume life in your house, pest-free.

Well, I left on Saturday at 6pm, intending to eat dinner with my parents, watch a movie or something, then come home when they went to bed. Long story short, I ended up staying the night and not coming home until like 3pm the next day.

Did you know that when you’re bombing a house, you should turn off all fish tanks and water filters? This helps keep the bug bomb from poisoning your fish.

Did you also know that without the filter, your fish will die? Because, you know, oxygen in the water helps.

Fortunately, only 1 of his 4 fish died. A second was about to go belly up, but after a couple of hours with the filter on and some fish resuscitation (you didn’t know that was possible, did you??) Mr. T was OK.

So, yeah. Here’s your warning. If you’re my roommate, chances are decent that I may inadvertently kill your fish. Or plant. Unless the plant produces veggies, then it’ll probably be fine.