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Dude, where’s my blog?

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Thinking about blogging

Ok, I’ve read a couple of entries recently talking about people responding (or not responding) to comments, and I feel like I need to make a confession.

If you have a blog readership of more than 10 people and you respond to a comment of mine, I feel special.

For real. I get validation from people acknowledging my existence!

So, it goes like this. I’ve moved my blog around a bunch over the last few years, partially to get anonymity and partially to find the perfect blogging platform. Haha. But, as a result, I don’t have a very strong readership. I’m ok with that, but I’m definitely one of the “little guys” in the blogging world, if even that.

So, until those emails get exchanged, I feel slightly like none of us actually exist in each others worlds. We’re all imaginary in a way. For example, Dooce? Doesn’t really exist in my world. If I ran into her at a store, I’d probably be confused about how to deal. I mean, I know everything about her, yet she doesn’t know I exist. Awkward? YES.

Most blogs in my mind are ongoing stories that are added to daily, until the blogger and I actually communicate. Then I feel special because the main character is talking to meeeeeeee. It’s like Johnny Depp talking to me between acting scenes in Pirates.

I know, it’s kindof a weird point of view. But, I’ve always been an avid reader. And I LOVE reading stories about real people living lives that different than mine. It gives me inspiration and ideas. So, the blogging world has exploded and suddenly I can read my stories EVERY day! They never end! There’s always interesting twists and turns! When I was little, I would actually cry when my favorite books would end. I wanted to know what happened next! Tell me more of the story! So, blogs are like the best books ever, because they never end!

And, then, eventually, I may become friends with a blogger (or reestablish a friendship with an old friend). At this point, in my mind, the blog becomes their diary that I am lucky enough to be invited to read. It’s like the blogger gave me the keys to their hearts and minds… sometimes reading blogs is like the coffee dates I love with my girlfriends. We go on and on about whatever is on our minds, and giggle in the meantime. I get to celebrate with them when something goes well and help them through things when they’re not. I get to laugh at things that we all find funny, and basically I get to be a part of their life (almost as if we’re in the same town).

So, anyways. Those are some thoughts on blogging. Also? As much as I feel special when someone responds to my comments, I also feel special when people leave me comments. It shows that I said something that was interesting enough to respond to. I would LOVE to have one of those interesting, dynamic blogs that everyone subscribes to because they love the updates. And then? If I’m interesting enough for a comment? Self-validation, right there.