This has been an odd week for me. I think that some decisions will need to be made soon if things don’t start improving. But, the good news is that my family is awesome and is willing to help me if I need it (which I do). I hate this though. I mean, I know that my dad is willing to lend me money, but I don’t like the idea of borrowing. It only adds to my debt, not subtract.

Bah. Money. No more talk of it today, kthnxbai.

So, instead of money talk, I will talk about the fact that 3 people in the last week have suggested I get a job at one of the local banks, including my personal banker. I just called her to see if a couple of checks have cleared into my account, and she suggested that perhaps I fill out an application with them because she thinks I’d be good at it.

And to be honest? I don’t really know. I’m thinking about it.

Oh wait… I was going to change the topic. Riiiiight.

Funny story. My roomie has an ex girlfriend with whom he had a dog. His ex took the dog with her when they broke up, but the dog is still very much in love with my roomie. Well, the ex is looking to move away, so she’s out of town for the week and the dog is staying with us.

Um, remember how I have 2 cats that don’t really like humans all that much? Yeah, well, they reallllllly don’t like dogs.

And more than just “not liking” the dog, they definitely don’t trust the dog. Sarge will definitely allow the dog to be a bit closer, but Eva? Does. Not. Like. She looks at the dog, and RUNS.

So, a couple of nights ago, I went to my mom’s store to help her set up for her grand opening. The cats and dog were left alone together in the house for a couple of hours. No big deal, right?

Let me explain a bit… The cats rooms (err, my office and bedroom) have been partitioned off for them only, so that they can get in and out but the dog can’t. The doors get propped open enough so that the cats can get in and out, but the dog (who is a golden retriever) definitely can’t fit. So, Eva runs from room to room, depending on whether she wants to nap or eat. And Sarge sits between the two rooms in the hallway, staring at the dog.
Well, when I got home, the door to the office was open and the cats food bowls were empty. Ruh roh! Something is amiss!

Sidebar: I know a lot of my readers have cats, and I think a lot of cats are the same. They never finish their dinner. They will be screaming for food, and yet there is ALWAYS a bit of kibble in the bottom of the bowl. I find it annoying most days, but on Weds night, I knew that they weren’t the reason the food was all gone. My cats are the type that get fed once a day and they nibble all day long. Sometimes I’ll give them another snack at night, but you get the idea.

The dog? She was napping on the couch. No problem, everything is normal. The cats? Well… I can’t find them.

So, I go about my chores. I clean the cat box and refill their water fountain (yes, I spoiled them and bought them one of these. I’m not ashamed. I spent $50 a year or two ago, and my kitties are VERY well hydrated thankyouverymuch).  I refill the food, and finally Sarge hears his cue. Apparently the 6 hours without food STARVED him, and he ate like no tomorrow.

Still no Eva. (This doesn’t surprise me, she’s very faint of heart and hides if I even look at her funny. She still won’t let my roomie touch her. It’s been 4 months.)

Well, it was probably 11:30 by then, so I  turn on the TV and chill out. My roomie gets home from the bar, and eventually everyone goes to bed. By then, it’s probably 12:30 or 1. Still no Eva.

Well, finally around 2 am, she comes out from under the bed and snuggles up so close to me, you’d think she was a growth on my leg. And, ever since then, if she’s out in the open, she’s attached to me. Sarge on the other hand maintains a nice puffy tail every time he sees the dog. (I read the puffy tail as saying “Danger! Danger!”)

Anywho… I left hours and hours ago to meet my parents for dinner, and apparently forgot to hit “publish”. So, there you have it.