Bush. Right, Bush. NOT Douche.

Anywho, at least SOMEONE is doing something right in the government.

A federal appeals court on Wednesday blocked the rule under which the Bush administration allowed logging and burning projects in national forests without first analyzing their effects on the environment.

Wait… so what we’re saying is that Bush was trying to pass a law saying that they didn’t need to analyze the environment, or that Bush had already been disregarding the rules?

Oh… yeah… that’s right. They changed the rules in 2003… “It exempted logging operations up to 1,000 acres and prescribed forest burns up to 4,500 acres from the environmental review.” Since then? Over 1.2 million acres of national forests have been burned and logged without any further research about the ecological impact.

THIS is why I’m apathetic anymore. The Bush administration is a bunch of dimwitted idiots who are only out for their own damn greedy interests. HEY! Lets go drill in Alaska while we’re at it!!


I mean. HI! Welcome to my website, Mr. Homeland Security man. Yes, I am thoroughly disenfranchised. Thank you, have a nice day.