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Ok, so my computer is kindof back. I had to do a backup and reinstall the operating system. I sat on the phone with Apple for over an hour tonight… but fortunately they have it worked out that you can save an entire copy of your hard drive, yet can still reformat it and keep the info. I need to call them back tomorrow and have them help me restore my info and program, but at least my web browser is working.


I gave Eva and Sarge flea treatments on Thursday night, Eva hasn’t kept anything down since… I was going to take her to the vet yesterday, but Andy decided to pop out here, so I put it off. She ate dinner tonight, and I haven’t heard/seen her puke yet. This is a good sign. But, I’m still taking her to the vet tomorrow afternoon. I need someone to give me advice on how to avoid this in the future. And, I love you interwebs, but this time professional advice is in order.

What else?

Oh yeah!!!!

The Red Wings are totally kicking ass in the Stanley Cup Finals. WOO! Seriously, I’m not a big sports fan, but I am a HUGE Red Wings fan. My roommate is a fan of the Penguins, and both teams were looking awesome this whole season. We basically agree that our teams are good for entirely different reasons. His is very young, and they have the enthusiasm and movement of 20 year olds. But, the Red Wings have a TON of experience, and many championships between all of the players. The current goalie was the hero of the team when I was in High School, along with a lot of the other players.

So, yeah. The first 2 games of the finals series ended in the Wings winning 3 to nothing. Twice in a ROW. Lol. So, anyways, my roomie and I have a really funny rivalry going on, in which we give each other shit all the time. It’s awesome.

Ok, I’m effin tired. G’night.


update schmupdate

I know, it’s been a while. My computer has decided to go to sleep and not wake up, so I’m waiting on software from Apple to hopefully fix it. I obviously won’t be writing on here from work, and I can’t even check my email unless I’m at my roomie’s computer. So, long story short is that it may be a bit before I’m writing regularly again.

A friend from TX came into town this weekend, which was a great visit! He’s been in training at Ft Bragg in southern North Carolina, and I emailed him about a month ago to say hi. He had been out in the woods doing training for a couple of weeks, and on friday I get an email saying “I’ve got a long weekend, perhaps I’ll drive that way?” Turns out it’s only like a 4 hour drive, so he came out last night (in time to eat crab legs and play asshole) and then today we did a little sightseeing. We finally made it to the beach this afternoon, and for the first time this summer, I actually did a bit of sunbathing. It was a really nice day after a week straight of working (literally, 7 days in a row).

But, now? He’s gone back to base (he’s got to be ready to go tomorrow morning at 6:30), so I’m gonna do some of the housework that has been severly lacking lately. I need to do laundry and clean my room. My guess is that the laundry will get done, but the room will probably not improve much.

Oh yeah, Eva is being problematic again. I gave her frontline earlier this week, and she hasn’t been able to hold down food since then. ::sigh:: I need to take her to the vet and find out if there’s another way I can get rid of fleas than that. She’s super skinny, and won’t use the box at all. The little bugger has me all worried and shit! But, she’s still playing and being cute, so I’m not letting myself lose sleep over it. Its just really frusterating when she acts like she’s afraid of her litter box.

Mmmmkay, that’s all for now. Love and whatnot!