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More rambles

Trying like hell to get back into the habit of writing. So, here you have it.

I went out and got a little crazy today. I talked to my grandparents earlier this week. They had asked a few weeks ago what I wanted for Christmas, and I decided that what I really wanted was a bike. I’ve been thinking about getting one for a few months now, and all the ones I liked were totally out of my price range. So, I told them that I want a bike. I’ll say that they seemed surprised, yet pleased. I mentioned that I want to get into better shape, and that the neighborhoods around me are perfect for riding in. Some hills and whatnot to work me, but totally gorgeous. So, they agreed that it sounded perfect, and encouraged me to get it sooner rather than later. The weather is good right now, and by Christmas, it’ll be bitterly cold outside.

So, I went out and got a bike. EEEEEE. It’s SO CUTE.

Mine is seafoam green. I tried to take a picture in my basement, but the shots didn’t didn’t turn out so well. So, instead you get a stock photo.

Anywho, I decided on a hybrid bike that looks kindof like a beach cruiser, but has gears and hand brakes. I had the guy add a rear rack that a pack sits on top of.

That pack is kindof like it.

I even got a lock and a multitool so that if I get stranded somewhere, I should be able to fix it.


So, I went home and took a ride. Oh my god, I am so out of shape. Its funny, because I can tell by recent pictures taken of me that I’m not doing so hot. I refuse to weigh myself these days, but I think I should so that I have some sort of basis to work from. I’m where I was almost 3 years ago… which really annoys me. I managed to lose some weight and get close to my ultimate goal, and I find myself back at the beginning. But, this isn’t a post to complain about my weight, because DAMNIT, I just got a new bike.

Other things I should write about?

  • American Kiteflyers Association convention in Gettysburg that I went to in September.
  • Busch Gardens and their Howl-o-scream setup that I went to last Friday.
  • Project Runway and how I wanted Korto to win, but Leanne is also amazingly talented. I’m just glad Kenley and her attitude didn’t win.
  • Potential changes in my life that probably won’t happen, but as usual, I’m looking to change it up all the time.
  • Fleas. FUCKING FLEAS. The infestation isn’t all that bad, but seriously, I’m sick of washing my blankets every other day. I’m not getting eaten alive this time, but my poor kids are.

So, my computer is still being a brat, and now that I’m working all the damn time, I haven’t had a chance to get it fixed again. However, I’m working in my mom’s shop today and finally have some internet access where I can roam free. (Did I mention that my roomie’s computer finally gave up, so we’re totally paying for internet that neither of us can use??)

So, lots is going on in my life, yet nothing too especially crazy. Summertime is definitely back at the beach, so there’s tons to do at night time that generally involves beer and laughter. I met a boy at the bar a couple of weeks ago that I’ve been talking to, and I’m hoping it works out. We’ve hung out a handful of times as “friends” and yesterday I totally broached the “hey, maybe we should makeout sometime” concept. So, we’ll see where that takes us.

Jobs are going pretty well. I’ve been working at the bank and Eddie Bauer for the last few months. My mom’s shop is doing pretty well, and she needs some more help, so I’m cutting back my hours at Eddie Bauer to one or two nights a month and helping her out a few days a week. It works out really well, as she can finally go home and really not worry about the store. Plus, I work during relatively slow times, so I can actually check my email and update my bloggggg. Woot.

Let me think… what else? Fleas are still a problem at the house, but not nearly as bad. The exterminator came out to take care of them, and while there’s still a few left, he should be returning this week to do a follow up spray. God, our fleas are like a new race of super-fleas this summer. NOTHING will kill them. But, I’m only getting bitten a couple of times a day now, so I’m no longer at the brink of tears whenever I’m at my house.

Yeah, life is going well. It seems like the turmoil that has followed me for the last year is finally calming down. I’m finding the balance that I need in my life, and making some great new friends. Lets see how it goes, alright?

Love and whatnot!

tra la la

Sometime between unemployment and now, my computer decided not to work 75% of the time, and my cats have enough fleas to make a very nice rug. Grossssssss. The worst part? I can’t think of a single use for fleas, yet they’re EVERYWHERE. Everytime I do anything to battle them, they just multiply.

Did you know that frontline not only made one of my cats puke for a week (and afraid of her box) but also didn’t work. I found a small colony of fleas on sarge’s neck last night, and when I gave him a flea bath tonight I had to steel my nerves because of all the little effers.

I can’t find Eva right now, btw. I was spraying down the house with some hardcore spray stuff, and apparently I found her hiding spot without me knowing it. (Behind my roomie’s toilet?! I didn’t see her at all, but admittedly didn’t look either. I had no idea she likes to hang out there.) She sprinted out of there like a bat out of hell… right into his shower. She then realized her mistake, and sprinted out of the shower, full throttle out of the room. Oops. I hope I didn’t get any in her eyes. But, now I can’t find her. I figure she went to her other unknown spot.

So, I went to the vet earlier in the week. I had to work full days (ie – 8 am til 9:30 pm) on both thursday and friday, so I took her in on wednesday in the afternoon. I work at the bank until 3 on wednesdays, so I set up a 4pm appointment.

… wow … mundane details anyone?

Anyways. The vet looked her over and agreed that she’s sensitive to frontline (like a 1 in 100 chance with cats) and suggested a pill for her to take called Capstar. (I can’t remember if I blogged about this or not already, and I’m too lazy to go back and look. Has anyone ever done this? I think I may have written part of it… but also think I may have just written the rest in my head.)

So, right, Capstar. It only works for 24 hours, so we decided that the best plan of attack is to give the cats the pill and then take them over to my parents while I bomb the house. He sold me an overpriced bomb that supposedly works for 7 months for up to 2400 sq feet. My house is much smaller than that, so 1 bomb is enough.

I also pick up 2 capstar tablets (one for each cat) and take my girl home. By the time I got home from the vet, I had already misplaced the pills, and found one later. So… the next day I went to a different vet where they charged me more than twice as much for the same pills. Made me very glad that I picked my initial vet, even though it was merely because of convenience.

Flash forward a couple of days because I had to work ALL the time and didn’t have the ability to open up a few hours to dedicate to transporting the cats all over town. And I should be there with them, as my parents kittens are probably about 3 months old now, and Sarge might turn into a big bully. We’re not really sure.

So, this morning, I get up and intended on finishing a bag for my mom’s store, but ended up talking to her on the phone instead. Around noon, I made myself some lunch and zoned out in front of the TV for a bit, watching TLC makeover some lady’s house. Around 1, I jump into the shower, and get dressed. At this point, I notice a big wet spot on the couch.

I smelled it.

Cat urine.

… I’m gonna let that sink in … Cat urine fresh on my couch, in the 5 minutes in which I jumped into the shower.

It’s been over a week since I gave Eva the frontline, she still has fleas and is also still peeing on the couch. So, I realize that RIGHT NOW is the only time that I can go to a pet store before I get off work tonight. I already have a TON of things to do before I leave for teller training class tomorrow (a week long and 4 hours away) so I needed to go get a new box and different box of litter before I went to work today. ::sigh:: All of the pet stores are closed by the time I get off work tonight, and Eva likes to really toss her litter around. So, I had to get a tall box that you can only get at the pet store out here. (Wtf? What happened to Walmart carrying this stuff??! I mean, we don’t have a petco or anything, so come on!)

Flash forward 10 minutes, when I’m standing in the pet store being lectured by the store owner that the fogger I got for tomorrow won’t really work, and I needed to also get this $25 bottle of flea spray stuff that is *so much* better than the $8 version I bought last time. I’m worried about being late for work at 2, and just buy the stuff he tells me to and cringe as he explains to me what the tick was doing in my shoulder the other night.


So, in the last week I’ve spent about $150 on flea killing shit, and yet they’re still jumping on my damn legs. My legs are a warzone and it’s effing HOT outside. I can’t wear any of my skirts because my legs are so effed up, and GAH.

Anyways, tonight I got off work at 7pm, and decided that I should give the kids a flea bath tonight, rather than driving them to my parents within 20 minutes of a flea bath tomorrow. I got home and ate dinner with my roomie, and then watched some of the hockey game with him. He decided to go out to a bar to watch the rest of it, so I started to pack.

And then I remembered the fleas (admittedly, a flea bit me and I wanted to cry a little bit). I found Sarge and threw him in the bathtub after I determined I couldn’t find Eva.

**This is after I sprayed 3/4 of the bottle of stuff all over the house, on ANY covered surface or carpet. I still need to clean my room up a bit (fabric is EVERYWHERE) and use the rest of the bottle in there. Then I bomb the place and see my folks for a few hours before dropping the cats off at the freshly bombed house and driving to the hotel 4 hours away.***

I’m jumping all over the place and this will be an odd post to read, most likely.

Right. So, I just let Sarge out of the flea bath, picked about 20 more fleas off of him (that were all effing alive) and gave him the magic 24 hour pill. I’m praying to whatever god there is that it works. If it works for 24 hour, and I leave the house in 12, it’ll still be in his system. Whenever I see Eva, I’m gonna inspect HER for fleas and perhaps throw her in a bath too. And then force a pill down her pretty little throat.


My life is going pretty good, but it’s kindof busy and my personal life has become totally dedicated to cheering for the Red Wings and KILLING FLEAS.

Is it sad that I’ve been spraying down my bed and sheets every night before I go to bed? Even when I have clean sheets, I spray it down. I hate humid weather. The effers totally thrive in the environment in which I live. Every day is exponentially worse than the day before.

And the worst part? My roomie (and yes, landlord) is totally uneffected by them. They don’t bite him, or if they do he doesn’t admit it.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for you. A slightly amusing recap of my current life, in the form of a rant against the fleas. Oh, how I despise them. Did I mention that I found a tick embedded in my shoulder the other day? Ewwwwwwwwwwww. My roomie made ME kill it after I pulled it out and threw it on the floor. ::grumbleJERKgrumble::

However, I can’t be mad at him because my hockey team just kicked his teams ASS. It’s now Red Wings 3, Penguins 1. He really takes his sports seriously, so it’s kindof fun to be kicking his ass. He was a total jerk when his team won the other night, so I just texted him a picture of the final score tonight. LOL.

So tired…

So, I can’t decide if I’m getting sick or what. My mom had this bug for like a month that made her super tired and sore and whatnot. My dad had it too, and it made him nauseous.

Lately, I’ve been so very tired. Today, I feel lethargic and groggy and my stomach is… off. I mean, it’s not horrible, but it’s just a bit not right. And, I get lightheaded and dizzy occasionally for like a minute. But then, I feel totally fine.

WTF, body? Cut it out. Be sick or be well. No fuckin middle ground, thankyouverymuch.

Oh!! Funny funny!

So, the cats have been scratching more than I’d like them to lately. Last night, I decided it was high time for us to take a bath.

… hilarity ensues …

Lets just say that the High and Mighty, Ms. Eva Luna, Drama Queen of the Universe, was running around the bathroom screaming when she hadn’t even touched the water. I was bathing Sarge, who was mortified enough as it was, and she would just scream and scream and howl and scream. After an incident with the Evil Faucet and Fresh Water, Sarge managed to soak me entirely and get out of the bathtub, only slightly rinsed off. I got him back in for another battle of the wills, and got him slightly more rinsed off. I figured, there was no visible soap on him, and he was mostly rinsed, so it would be ok.

So, I get Eva into the bathtub, although that was a feat upon itself. She REALLY didn’t want to touch the water, so she wrapped herself around my arm so that her back actually touched the water first. She was actually better behaved IN the bathtub, I assume because of the fear of the Evil Water. I managed to rinse her off and get them both slightly dried off before they go to their corners to lick their wounds.

So, this morning, what do I see?

A flea on Sarge’s nose.


So I had to traumatize them again with the flea spray. That was a few hours ago, and I just saw Eva scratching pretty hard at her chin. It better not be a fuckin flea, or else I’m going after them with vigor that may traumatize the cats for life.

Also, could someone tell YouTube to upload my damn video? I’ve got the awesomeness of our LED lit kite on video. I just want to share it now!!