I don’t have anything exciting to report. So, I will tell y’all that I bought a juicer… that’s kindof exciting, right? I didn’t realize how many fruits or veggies you needed for such a small amount of juice, however. But, today I had a fabulous carrot / celery / lime concoction that pretty much rocked my world. Last night? Orange / Pineapple.


My roomie thinks I’m crazy because of all the waste created, but I remind him that when I start the compost pile in the spring, it will all come full circle!

We had a dog in the house for the weekend. Cassidy (the dog) is so freaking sweet. She’s a golden retriever, and such a sweet girl.  We played fetch and ran around and then she slept with her head in my lap. It was pretty sweet.

The cats, however? Did. Not. Love. Cassidy.

They finally came out from under my bed a couple of hours after Cassidy left for good. Then they ran around for about 17 hours straight…. I’m sure expelling all of that pent up energy. But, good LORD those cats can run circles around this house. I felt like I needed to follow them around the pick up the things they had pushed off various surfaces.

…crazy kids.

Love and whatnot.