I love your new dashboard. I’m sorry that I missed it the beginning of this week, I was busy doing things that seemed important at the time, although I can’t remember them at this instant.

Let’s see. Maybe if I think about it, I’ll come up with a few things I’ve done that make me different from a sloth.

I had 2 job interviews. 1 of which I blew off because I didn’t realize it was for a part time job I’d have to drive an hour and a half to get to. Sorry, not worth it. Fortunately, it was a phone call from a recruiter. She reminded me of the commute, and I told her “ehhhh”. She then said “Hey, keep your eyes on our job boards! I don’t blame you for not wanting to drive, and I’d really like to talk to you sometime.” So, that was good, in a roundabout way. The other went ok, although I’m still trying to figure out if I really want it or not. That’s ok, they haven’t made an offer, so it’s all good.

Yesterday, I made a bunch of bags. Preita, if I had your phone number, I would have called you to tell you about them. I’m working on the bag for you, and ended up making a couple extra. I hope they’re big enough for your purposes, but OMG they’re cute. I haven’t figured out where to sew in my name though… I may work out a tag of some sort to sew into them.

Which reminds me, I got my first order from fabric.com yesterday. While it is SO hard to shop for fabric online (you know, touching, feeling, browsing), and not everything turned out exactly as I thought it would, it’s totally worth it. Most of the fabrics are even better than I thought they would be, and only 2 or 3 of them ended up being MUCH lighter weight than I thought they’d be. But, it’s ok, because they’re SO pretty.

So, today, I need to take pictures of bags, find Preita’s address (hint: you could email it if you wanted!!) and go to the post office. Then, I need to upload pictures because I have lots to share. And I really just want to get inspired again and make more bags. However, I need to know if these drawstring bags are the right size before I make any more.

Oh, yeah. I should hint at the fact that my parents have 2 new friends in the house. Their names are Shadow and Sequoia and they are 7 weeks old today. Purrrrpurrrrpurrrr pictures to come. I promise!