No, but really. I took some melatonin about an hour ago. Still not very sleepy. Maybe I should stop sleeping for like 12 hours straight.

My mom thinks I’m depressed. But I had to explain to her that I just love to sleep, and recently, well… I haven’t been exactly waking up on time. So, my schedule keeps getting pushed back. And back. And back. And next thing I know, I’m getting up at 1pm, eating, showering, and working til my roomie gets home from work (and normally keep at emails and whatnot til 8 or 9). Then I work on my stuff til about 12pm (and by 12, I mean whenever I actually look at a clock and realize how late it is… or my roomie goes to bed), then I watch tv for a couple of hours until I finally get tired. Then I finally sleep so hard that I don’t wake up for hell or high water.

Whatever. I’m not actually writing this for medical ass-vice, because really? Whatever. I’ll get it all worked out. The melatonin will be my friend in the next few days, along with a loud ass alarm and coffee.

But, I did want to say that one of my big projects is actually making some decent headway. I’ve been working on the design of my new website, and will probably have the big reveal in a week or so. Eek! Also? Designing tags for my bags that’ll be sold in my mom’s store, starting next month.

So, yeah. While I may be more broke than I have ever been in my life, things are going really well. No, I’m not sleeping right. But, I’m getting lots of work done for my *actual* job and then am being pretty productive on the side. Now, if I could only get myself sewing the rest of the 18 or so bags I need for her store. 6 beach bags, 6 purses, 6 zipper pouches. That’s where we’re starting for March, and then I’ll start making more as appropriate and find more stores.