Well, I was perusing the BBC news (which I figured out how to add to my feed reader… huzzah!!!) and I stumbled upon this little ditty. Apparently Canadian Wild Salmon will be extinct in 10 years because of sea lice coming out of the factory farms… well, that is, unless something is changed. Read the article for full details, but I tell you this…

Our world makes me sad sometimes. Or more accurately, what we have done to our world makes me sad sometimes. Sometimes? Most of the time.  Humans force so many things to happen in such quantity that we just destroy and destroy and destroy.


Moving back to this island makes me remember why I love Mother Nature so much. I forget about how light pollution blocks out the stars in some cities. And, when my neighbor brings us fresh fish that he caught the day before, doing some deep sea fishing, I wonder why we need factory fish farms anyways.

Mish mish. Off my ponder rock (it’s like a soap box, only I have now deemed it my ponder rock) and back to work.