I still haven’t made my decision. Basically, it’s a matter of money, or people. I LOVED the people at the bank with $1 less an hour, and although I wouldn’t immediately be the head teller, there is definitely room for growth. The manager, who I interviewed with and immediately fell a little bit in love with her, started as a teller 5 years ago. And the benefits are a little bit better. The other place is $1 more an hour, but a lot more responsibility. That’s not a bad thing, but I’ve never done the job and feel like I should actually learn what I’m doing before I’m telling other people what to do.


Anyways, it doesn’t matter. I’ll make my decision tomorrow and that will be that.

Today, however, I had a FABULOUS day. I worked at my part time job last night, and it happens to be at an outlet store for an AWESOME clothing line. Think Gap, LL Bean, Polo… my store has those sorts of styles, but is a different brand.

Anyways, I worked for 5 hours last night, and started learning the merchandise. Then, I went back today and spent a little bit of my birthday money from my grandparents and TOTALLY hooked myself up. My wardrobe is getting to the shabby side of life, and I don’t have a lot of nice things to alternate between for a bank position. So, I got a bunch shirts, a couple of skirts, a couple of pairs of capris (ACK! I never bought them before! But they actually looked good and will work well for the summer), and a nice jacket that will work with all of it. That way, when I’m working inside and it’s cold, I can put it on and still look nice!

Oh, and then I had a total weakness. I stopped by my favorite shoe store out here and got these:

Oh my god, I’m in LOVE.

No, I’m not kidding. They are SO cute. And they’ll look really good with the skirts I just got, and look adorable with pants. They were my one allotted splurge with the birthday money (shh, I had been told directly to use my discount and clean up my wardrobe at my new retail job).

Yet, I need advice on shoes here, people. I’ve never had to dress nice for a job, and I’m kindof excited at the prospect of shoes. I was just able to do a HUGE update to my wardrobe, clothing wise, and will be able to add bits and pieces over time with my paycheck from that job. Any advice of shoes you couldn’t live without, yet are adorably cute? I’m looking for comfortable, yet cute to wear with skirts and capris. I mean, I live at the beach yet will be a teller at a bank. It’s like business-casual meets the beach, you know? I have never worn heels, yet like the idea of a little bit of a jump on my height. I’m only 5’3″, but generally heels kill my feet, so if I’m gonna be able to breach that territory, I need comfort too. I refuse to hurt myself for fashion.

Links are also appreciated, cuz, you know, I’m cool like that. But, for real, I turn 26 in a couple of weeks, and I’m trying to give myself a relatively inexpensive jump start for the next part of my life. I want to look my age, not a homeless college student, you know?

Love love!