I had a really nice weekend in DC. We hung out, went fabric shopping, working on R&D for work, ate fabulous food, went to a couple of bars. Wait, did I mention that we went fabric shopping?

Not to be a total cliché, but Oh My God. I don’t know how big that store was, but it had to have been at least 5 – 6 thousand square feet. Probably more. I mean, my mom’s shop is about a thousand, and is completely dwarfed by this store. And it was almost completely full of fabric. There were a few notions and a section with high end sewing machines, but 99% of the store was full of fabric. And it was all different.


There were so many options, I could have easily spent a month’s salary there without batting an eye. (Wait, at my current rate, that’s not a whole lot of money. Lets say I could have easily spent a couple of thousand dollars there.)

I went through the door, and immediately knew that my predetermined budget of $40 was not going to work. But, fortunately, Andy showed me to the discount section immediately. At $3 a yard, I was able to get SO MANY awesome prints and great solids for making bags. I threw in a couple of yards of full priced fabric and a couple of yards of clearance upholstery material (at $4 a yard!!!) and got out of there having spent just over $100. And I felt lucky!! Walking to the register, my arms actually hurt from the weight of the pile. And the biggest bag they had was still strained at the weight.

Can I just say that every time I look at it, I’m completely pleased. My spending needs to get cut VERY seriously again, but being in a big city and the best fabric store I have ever seen was completely worth pushing my checking account a bit lower than I want it to be. I mean, I have very little padding for disaster right now. But, I figure, worst case scenario, I would probably sell a kidney to buy more fabric at that store.

So, on my drive home last night, I was thinking about the bag I was working on, and how much a pain in the ass it’s being for the final finishing stages. I mean, it’s made me swear LOUDLY so many times, the f-bomb has lost all meaning. And, the zipper/flap/strap finishing areas look like CRAP still. So f-ing frusterating. So, I’m driving back from DC, and it came to me! How to make it work!! And I almost wanted to pull over and do a celebration dance.

What am I getting at? I need to regroup and get back to my design work. I used to think I wanted to go back to school to get my PhD in History. While a part of me still wants that, I would much rather be a designer. Maybe I’ll never be able to have it as my full time job, my goal for this year is to make Cassafrass Designs be a feasible source of income. Because, I LOVE figuring out how to make them work and fabric shopping and designing a really cute bag. I love it. They’re not perfect yet, but I’ve never had formal training. And I love it.

Now, I just need to get a couple hundred more dollars together to order from the thread and zipper and velcro and SO MUCH STUFF supplier. I just wish I were made of money. Rather than already being up to my eyes in debt. How did I get here again?

Mmmmkay. I NEED to get back to work.