My Love Thursday picture this week is a bittersweet one. Since Ty isn’t here to say goodbye in person, the picture I choose is of him loving on our girl, Cuddles.


This morning, I got a call from my parents that we’ve been expecting. My wonderful girl, Cuddles, is in the process of drifting into her next life. In the last week or so, she’s had a lot of trouble and my folks took her to the vet this morning. Well, he said that her livers are in the process of failing. My mom didn’t have it in her to put Cuddles down, especially since the vet said it would happen in the next 24 hours naturally and in her sleep, painlessly. This is the fourth time that we were told that our girl would probably die, and this time we know it’s for real.

I went over to say goodbye a little while ago. My parents took a couple of pictures of me saying goodbye to my girl, but I don’t know if I can even look at them right now, not to mention post them online. The good news? She was falling asleep while I was saying goodbye, and you could feel the rumble of an old-lady purr in her chest.

Little girl, I love you very very much, with all of my heart and soul. Thank you for always remembering me when I came home, no matter if I had been gone for 15 minutes of 12 months. Thank you for always having a purr for me when I scratched your head, and thank you for teaching me the wonder that is a cat’s tongue. You have been there since I was only 6 or 7 years old, and you’ve been like my four legged sister.

I love you, baby girl. Say hi to Streak and granddad for me, and don’t let any of those dogs get away with anything. Save a soft place in the sun to come rub your back when it’s my time. Make sure Streak cleans your ears up, you haven’t been so good in the last few years of getting to the tough spots on your own. May you rest in peace, hopefully in a field full of catnip and butterflies.