So, I’m feeling a bit nauseous.

And I’m happy about that.


Because I went to the gym this morning and swam laps. And, I pushed myself hard enough to actually feel a little nauseous.

The sad part of this? I swam 600 yards this morning, which is only 24 lengths  of the pool. That may seem like a lot to some, but for me? That was not even a decent warmup 10 years ago. We would often jump in, swim 500 – 1000 yards (or meters, depending on the indoor or outdoor pool) for warmup, and THEN start practice.

But, I’m glad. Instead of sleeping past noon, I got up at 10:15, went to the gym, got home by 12 and am already dressed and feeling productive.  Although, I AM having a hard time feeling the back of my arms, and I’m a bit nauseous still.

Oh well. For once, I’m glad to feel a but pukey. As we used to say in practice, If you don’t think you’re gonna puke, you’re not doing it right.