So, I can’t decide if I’m getting sick or what. My mom had this bug for like a month that made her super tired and sore and whatnot. My dad had it too, and it made him nauseous.

Lately, I’ve been so very tired. Today, I feel lethargic and groggy and my stomach is… off. I mean, it’s not horrible, but it’s just a bit not right. And, I get lightheaded and dizzy occasionally for like a minute. But then, I feel totally fine.

WTF, body? Cut it out. Be sick or be well. No fuckin middle ground, thankyouverymuch.

Oh!! Funny funny!

So, the cats have been scratching more than I’d like them to lately. Last night, I decided it was high time for us to take a bath.

… hilarity ensues …

Lets just say that the High and Mighty, Ms. Eva Luna, Drama Queen of the Universe, was running around the bathroom screaming when she hadn’t even touched the water. I was bathing Sarge, who was mortified enough as it was, and she would just scream and scream and howl and scream. After an incident with the Evil Faucet and Fresh Water, Sarge managed to soak me entirely and get out of the bathtub, only slightly rinsed off. I got him back in for another battle of the wills, and got him slightly more rinsed off. I figured, there was no visible soap on him, and he was mostly rinsed, so it would be ok.

So, I get Eva into the bathtub, although that was a feat upon itself. She REALLY didn’t want to touch the water, so she wrapped herself around my arm so that her back actually touched the water first. She was actually better behaved IN the bathtub, I assume because of the fear of the Evil Water. I managed to rinse her off and get them both slightly dried off before they go to their corners to lick their wounds.

So, this morning, what do I see?

A flea on Sarge’s nose.


So I had to traumatize them again with the flea spray. That was a few hours ago, and I just saw Eva scratching pretty hard at her chin. It better not be a fuckin flea, or else I’m going after them with vigor that may traumatize the cats for life.

Also, could someone tell YouTube to upload my damn video? I’ve got the awesomeness of our LED lit kite on video. I just want to share it now!!